Celebratory Gunfire is a reality. It is not uncommon
​and has taken many lives. It can affect anyone.
We Invite YOU:

Who We Are:

Bullet Free Sky is an awareness effort to educate the public and spread the word on the dangers of Celebratory Gunfire.
During the 2012 New Year celebration, a stray bullet struck a family member, Diego Duran, in the head. He was only 12 years old when this happened.

To educate people and participate in this effort by creating awareness on the dangers of Celebratory Gunfire. We all celebrate under the same sky and this affects us all.
We are not an anti-gun organization. We are for gun safety and common sense because
What goes up, must come down!
We want to open eyes to this reality, to keep something so preventable from happening by promoting mindfulness. When someone shoots randomly into the sky, we are all in danger.