"Bullets can travel over a mile from where they were shot, depending on the caliber. When a bullet is fired randomly into the air, there's no way of knowing where it will land."


Fallen bullets can reach terminal velocity of up to 500 feet per second. A bullet traveling at

only 200 feet per second can penetrate a human skull.


Celebratory Gunfire is an old tradition and irresponsible practice. It is not as uncommon as you might think. It has claimed numerous lives and injured many others.


All deaths and injuries caused as a result of celebratory gunfire can be  prevented. This is a real  issue that affects all of us, in one way or another. Please help us spread the word.


All deaths and injuries caused as a result of celebratory gunfire can be prevented. This is a real issue that affects all of us, in one way or another. Please help us spread the word.

We are an awareness effort to educate the public and spread the word on the dangers of Celebratory Gunfire.

Celebratory Gunfire is illegal.

It injures, and in most cases,

it takes innocent lives.

January 1, 2012 - Ruskin, FL. Only a few minutes after midnight, 12-year-old Diego Duran, was struck in the head by a stray bullet. He was watching fireworks in his own front yard. For months, Diego was in critical condition yet he survived after several surgeries, medical procedures, and extensive therapy.
Laurie Saxon Eberhardt was 67-years-old when she took a round in her hand and arm while watching fireworks on the downtown St. Petersburg waterfront on New Year's Day 2013.  The  bullet  went across the wrist and down into the side of the arm. She has recovered and is fortunate to talk about it.
Marquel Peters lost his life to celebratory gunfire on New Year's Day while inside a church in Dekalb, Georgia in 2010. The stray bullet pierced through the roof of the church. Marquel was only 4 years old.
New Years Day 2015 - Houston, TX. Javier Suarez Rivera was watching fireworks with his wife on his driveway. A bullet fired into the sky by one of his neighbors came down and struck him. He collapsed.

Paramedics arrived at the scene too late. Unfortunately, Javier did not survive. He was 43 years old

July 4th, 2012: Was watching fireworks with his wife and friends at the Safety Harbor Marina, in Florida. Richard Smeraldo was struck in the face by a stray bullet which was stopped from entering his chest by a medallion he was wearing.
On July 4th. of 2013, 7-year-old Brendon Mackey was on his way to a fireworks celebration with his dad and other family members. He died the next day in a Richmond hospital. A bullet had struck him and lodged at the base of his skull as result of celebratory gunfire.
On January 1, 2012: 7-year old Alexis Rojas was sitting on his bed in Forest Grove, Oregon, watching TV when a bullet pierced his wall and struck him on the side of his abdomen.
June 2013 - Brandon Reid (15) was indoors watching TV coverage of the Miami Heat's championship win, when a bullet zipped through the sliding glass door striking him in the head. The doctors successfully removed the bullet. 

Ulla White (64) was struck in the chest by a stray bullet on July 4, 2013. She was rushed to St. Mary’s Medical Center where she underwent heart surgery. She was on board a cruise ship near West Palm Beach's waterfront when she got struck.
15-year-old Karla Michelle Negrón Vélez was struck in the head by celebratory gunfire on New Year's Day 2012 in Puerto Rico. Karla Michelle was on life support for two weeks. Unfortunately, she did not survive her injuries.
10-year-old Aaliyah Boyer was welcoming 2013 with relatives in Elkton, Md., when, shortly after midnight, she collapsed. The family never heard the gunshots over   the  sound  of fireworks. The fatal wound in her head was caused by Celebratory Gunfire. Aaliyah fought for her life for two days before taken off life-support.
Joe Jaskolka, 24, was struck in the head by a stray bullet on New Year's Eve 1999, in South Philadelphia. He was 11-years-old at the time. His body and face are currently paralyzed. He also lost the use of his vocal chords on the left side.Joe has undergone multiple
surgeries. The bullet is still lodged in his head.
June 1999: 14-year-old Shannon Smith was killed by a bullet fired into the air more than a mile away. She was struck in the head while talking on the phone in her backyard in Phoenix, AZ. Her parents worked with elected officials,  and  one year later (in 2000) the careless discharge of a firearm within the city was elevated from a misdemeanor to a felony.
Florida - Lt. Jimmy Judge of the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office says on January 1, 2013, just a few minutes after midnight, an 8-year-old boy got hit in foot by a stray bullet.
On January 1, 2011, 34-year-old Sergio Martinez, was killed when a bullet came through a window in the front of the family's home in Norcross, Georgia. The bullet hit him directly in the head.
Guilford County, North Carolina - Victoria Osborne was struck in the head by New Year's Eve Gunfire while she was driving on January 1, 2012. She suffered a fractured skull.
In 2016, Texas State Legislature Armando Martinez was struck in the head by an AR-15. He was fortunate to survive, using his experience as a cautionary tale to prevent celebratory gunfire. Thanks to Martinez, a bill (2583) that criminalizes celebratory gunfire in Texas, was established.
In 2019 on the 4th of July,  Tampa, Florida teacher, Samuel Rotker was struck in the neck while walking on an Ohio school campus. He fortunately lives to tell the story and create awareness.